Water is the driving force of all nature

Our water flows from our spring naturally carbonated, which enhances the minerals that the water absorbs. Mineral content is unique to the environment of the water source so every water is different with some absorbing very few minerals and others absorbing very high quantities.

Cana Royal Water has the perfect balance!

Mineral content in water across the world is measured by it’s TDS – which means Total Dissolved Solids. The higher the TDS the higher the level of minerals in the water, the lower the TDS the lower the level of minerals in the water. Of course the depending on the environment of the source the individual mineral levels can be very different meaning that even water with similar TDS levels can provide very different taste and health characteristics.

Cana Royal Water is perfectly balanced


Is important for bone and teeth health, nutrient breakdown and supports a healthy metabolism plus muscular and cardiovascular health.


Is important for digestion but too much of it can affect the taste and have an increased laxative effect


Or salt as we know it should be low to support healthy blood pressure levels

Cana Royal Water has a TDS of 1,572 mg/L

with high calcium, balanced magnesium and low sodium levels

Water as wine

Today we often hear that water has become the new wine. Just like wine every water is different depending on the environment it comes from and the content and balance of minerals within. Many top restaurants are already matching different waters with different wines and foods, and premium mineral water can make a great alternative to alcohol.

We now have water sommeliers and our founder Niko Huber is the first water sommelier of Slovenia!

Cana Royal Water has is great tasting and is a perfect accompaniment to any meal or any wine whether at the restaurant or fine dining at home.

Why is calcium important?

Calcium plays an important role in developing and maintaining healthy bones and teeth, which contains 99% of the calcium we have in our body. It is also responsible for regulating some of our body’s important hormones and enzymes. Chronic calcium deficiency can lead to cramps, muscle pain and osteoporosis.
Calcium also supports healthy blood flow, increased metabolism, normal transmission of nerve impulses, and to the healthy functioning of digestive enzymes. The recommended daily amount of calcium depends on our age – younger people (9-18 years) should consume 1,300 mg per day and older people about 1,000 mg per day.

CANA Royal Water contains a high content of calcium – 340 mg/L – the more you drink the healthier your get!

Why is magnesium important?

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant cation in the human body and is part of some 350 cellular processes. Low magnesium levels are associated with increased vascular reactions and have also been implicated with hypertension and diabetes. Good levels of magnesium support smooth digestion in the body and can avoid things such as bloating and heartburn.

However, very high levels of magnesium in water can affect the taste and create a laxative effect meaning that such waters consumption must be limited.

CANA Royal Water contains a balanced level of magnesium – 32 mg/L – meaning you can drink as much as you like

Why is sodium important?

Sodium is mainly consumed through everyday salt in our food and although it is necessary for the normal function of the body, excessive intake can also cause health problems, such as increased blood pressure, which hurts our heart and circulation.

Sodium deficiency whilst rare can lead to dizziness and weakness but in most cases sodium is overly consumed through salt with our diets. Excessive sodium can lead to increased blood pressure, which in turn can be dangerous for the heart and circulatory system. So reducing sodium intake can be a positive contributor towards lower blood pressure.

CANA Royal Water contains a low level of sodium – 8,6 mg/L – meaning you can drink as much as you like.