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Cana Tonic Water without sugar 30 pcs 200 ml


Why order?

  • No sugar and no calories Tonic with natural sweetener Erythritol 100%
  • natural ingredients
  • Mediterranean flavor,
  • Classic flavor (Indian)
  • apple flavor – apple cinnamon (Apple Pie)
  • You receive 30 bottles of 200 ml
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Cana Royal Water – Premium Pack 36 pieces


Order our premum package of 36 pieces of Cana Royal Water and SAVE instantly. You will be receiving 36 pieces of 700ml bottles at your choosing. Still, soft sparkling, medium sprakling or strong sparkling? You decide and we will add couple of our flavours we fancy extra, as a  special gift to your order;)

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Cana Royal Water – Degustation Package


Order spring water Cana Royal Water Degustation Tasting Package and experience all 4 flavors! You will receive 4 bottles (700ML each) of still, soft sparkling, elegant sparkling and strong sparkling waters.

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Cana Royal Water Gift Pack


Order spirng water Cana Royal Water – Gift Pack and offer your dear ones with the best water they ever had!

Bundle contains 3 bottles (750ml) of Cana Royal Water in its all three identities: still, soft sparkling and strong sparkling. We will wrap them for you in a nice and elegant gift box to make the suprise even more memorable

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