Cana Royal Water represented as World Richest Families official Water of the Event in Monako

cana royal water 1400kv

The success story of water from a small village in Goričko continues.

Cana Royal Water traveled to the largest and most exclusive meeting in the world – the 9th Global Family Office Investment Summit, which took place from 18 to 20 June 2019 in Monaco.

As the official water at the event, which unites the richest families in the world, it “mingled” in a great company of elite private investors, sheikhs, prominent business owners, members of royal families, financial families from all over the world. The unique and memorable experience has enriched Cano for excellent professional advice, business networking opportunities and cross-border leadership collaboration.

With its sophisticated taste, Cana Royal Water naturally enriched and pampered the moments of all involved.